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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 18, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this morning -- extreme heat. >> sure, it's summer. but for millions today, dangerous, oppressive temperatures are setting in. celebration and joy. where it's needed most. japan's world cup team the toast of the nation after beating team usa. a stage collapses sending hundreds scrambling for safety. good morning. the heat wave melting a big chunk of the nation is showing no signs of letting. >> up that's right.
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the humidity is creating oppressive conditions. today, chicago could see its highest temperature in five years. abc's karen traver as more on the spending east. >> reporter: they tossed two tons of ice into the water to try to cool things down. this heat wave is krgripping th middle of the nation. for 17 states. texas to minnesota. east to ohio. in five states, temperatures dropped thee century mark. the system is expected to hover across the midwest for five more sweltering days before heading east. >> not moving at all. unpacking its bags. this high pressure for many days to come as it continues to intensify and grow in overall size.
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>> reporter: for beach goers the soaring temperatures means fun in the sun. but for some people, especially the elderly this extreme heat can be extremely dangerous. >> they'll complain of dizziness, weakness. being light headed. >> reporter: experts say to drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun. >> the goal was ten. i don't think i'm g gng to make it that far. >> no everyone is heeding the warning. despite the blazing sun, these hard-core athletes participated in an iron man triat thletetria. >> it's hot. >> reporter: karen travers, abc. more dangerous weather in the bahamas when the second named storm of the atlantic hurricane season.
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tropical storm is bret is packing 40 mile an hour winds. forecasters say it will strengthen over the next few days. bringing heavy rain and high sur of the northern bahamas. it's not expected to pose a threat to the u.s. another big story of this morning, the ladies world cup. >> elation turned to disappointment yesterday as the team from japan tied the final match and then won it on penalty kicks. >> the welcome bit of good sign for japan. >> reporter: team japan's victory over the united states capped an emotional runun for t underdogs. japanese upset local favorite germany and swede on the reach the finals, all the while playing to heal a wounded nation. back home, nervous fans stayed up to root on their loved
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team. the game started at 3:ha on a monday morning. fans desperate to cheer again, got the victory they waited so long for. this team's never give up attitude is just what the country needs. homare sawa's hometown, elation. her elementary schoolteacher saying, i have no word. inspired a country still reeling from the disaster. it's been four weeks since a earthquake killed 25,000 people inspect this final game, they lifted the nation once again. >> they'll be able to see how far japan can go, even with everything -- with the odds against them. >> after so much heart ache, finally a reason to celebrate.
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>> big celebrations there more on the game coming up later in this half-hour. in washington, talks on the debt crisis go behind closed doors today. it stands no chance of a passage in the senate. plan b is still being discussed giving president obama to increase the amount of money the government can borrow. brand-new bomb shells this morning as a scandal sinks a media empire. top police official has resigned in the wake of the investigation. >> reporter: rebekkah brooks was her prodigy. sunday she went to scotland yard to answer about the phone hacking scandal that occurred when she was editor of news of the world.
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she insisted that she knew nonoing. >> there's no way that a reporter can come in salacious, page one stories that the news of the world was running without an editor saying, how did you get that story? who was your source. >> reporter: later in the day, another bombshell the head of the scotland yard resigning. he said that he had no involvement in his force's failure to investigate of murdoch's journalists. >> i have no knowledge of the exat the present time of this disgraceful practice. >> reporter: tuesday murdochened his son james are scheduled to appear for british house of xhons. it remains to be seen if rupert murdoch can continue t t lead hs company or even keep it together.
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now for this morning's weather from around the nation. on top of that scorching heat, gusty winds, hail and flash flooding from minneapolis to new york down to d.c. pop-up showers in south florida around houston. little rock. a wet day in the pacific northwest. rain from new mexico to wyoming. >> phoenix,ing, things are hooting up to 108. 91 here in new york. 88 in miami. 89 in new orleans as well. >> some of that rain is looking pretty good right now. >> yeah. >> i could get caught in a storm today. coming up -- harry potter's half-billion dollar weekend. new duties for duke and duchess. and a collapse at rock 'n roll concert, sending people running for their lives. !!!xhc=?
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ford ceo says that there an economic recovery in your future. he said that the improving economy is the result of decreasing oil prices and moving beyond the japanese earthquake. he also says that manufacturing is the foundation of thaha recovery and job growth. worries about europe's banking woes and the debt talks here are keeping overseas
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markets unsettled. tokyo nikkei's average picked up 38 points today. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow lost 177 points last week. it's appearing more likely that the second largest nation's bookstore chain, borders, still has about 400 stores and employs almost 11,000 people. days after their whirlwind trip to canada and california, it's time for the duke and duchess to get down to business. they'll be britain's business ambassadors. they did some of that during their visit to los angeles. they'll continue t ts more. another trip is already in the works. and harry potter keeps working its magic.
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after taking nearly half worldwide that weekend. the final harry potter film took in $169 million domestically. the best opening weekend ever. in second, another sequel, transformers with 21 million and horrible bosses was third, with $13 million. i want to see horrible bosses. i have no stories that relate. i love my bosses. >> we'll tape that for proer thety. what is casey anthony's next move? will she tell all for million dollars. plus a news anchor nightmare. you'll see what happened when the wrong guest was put on live tv. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection
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from southern minnesota to boston. wet on i-59 from maine to d.c. in florida, slick on i-10 and 20 in the south. and if you're flying out this morning, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, chicago, detroit, on the east coast from boston to miami. an unbelievable screen last night at a popular music festival in canada. >> a powerful thunderstorm rld through the ottawa -- and that's when this happened. >> the stage started to fall backwards. it fell pretty slow. hopefully,y,veryone got out of there. it was pretty creepy. >> at least five people were injured. among them was one man who's in crittle call condition with injuries. witnesses said that cheap trick was playing right up until
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the collapse. the band put out a message on the internet later, every was fine and that they were lucky to be alive. casey anthony is getting her first taste of freedom in three years and she's getting it in private. she was whisked away from an orlando jail in the middle of the night. more now from abc's diane alvear. >> reporter: after 1,054 days in jail, casey anthony was released. a a ee woman. but forever connected to what so many outside of the jail was an unspeakable crime. they believe she murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> we're talking about a child here. >> reporter: anthony was expressionless. then she climbed into a waiting suv and sped off. >> i thought maybe that she would show more emotion going out. but, her and jose were very
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plain face. >> reporter: just where anthony can go? is unclear. for three years, her face was on regular rotation on tv crime shows. >> i don't feel like justice was done. >> reporter: her defense team has acknowledged that their client could be in danger. as for going home, she refused to allow her mom to visit in jail. >> has jose dropped her off at the house yeststday. they would have opened the door. >> reporter: anthony made her way to a small prop plane, registered to one of her attorney, destination, unknown when she walked out of that jail, she do so with $500. media experts say she stands to make $1 million if she decides
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to tell her story. a new study finds that children are half as likely to be hurt in car crashes when grandparents are at the wheel instead of mom and dad. grandparents may compensate may be a little bit more careful. some reaction from japan's victory over the usa at the women's world cup earlier in the show. for all of the highlights from yesterday's final match, here's espn news. good morning, this is your espn news update. standing between the united states and world cup glory, japan. a nation they have never lost to in 25 attempts. 68th minute. alex morgan. finishing far post. only second-ever sub to ever score in the final. 1-0. troops in afghanistan celebratatg. but the celebrations would end. a mess in the back for the u.s.
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alex krieger won't clear. 1-1. we go to extra t te. abby wambach scoring for the 122nd time for the u.s. can they seal the deal this time? no. homare sawa the captain was the golden boot winner of this competition. we're going to the penalty shoot-out. the usa and hope solo beat brazil in this setup. hope solo not feeling 100%. carly lloyd with the u.s. down 1-0 in the shootout. over the crossbar. 2-0. abby wambach with the cacaing, it's now 2-1. it's not over yet. hope solo. it's over now. japan beat host germany and
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sweden. to lift the world cup. this has been your espn news update. good for them. unfortunately, and in inevitably, we must admit mistakes happen in television news. >> this is breaking story right here. this one, though, this may take the cake. it comes from our friends at the bbc. >> they were doing a story about the trial of baseball star roger clements. >> joining us now the bob walker, for the associated press. can you hear me in new york. >> it's even a worse situation than that. because, i am not ben walker and i know nothing about baseball. i do however know a lot -- >> we have the wrong guest.
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>> i love his dead pan humor. that was funny. >> the producer was probably freaking. >> where is the real ben walker in he's still out there. >> all right, well, up next -- some of the stories that we'll be following later today. plus, a milestone for nelson mandela. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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now a look at stories we'll be watching this monday -- a stifling heat wave is scorching a big chunk of the country. 17 states from texas to the upper midwest and the ohio valley with the humidity, some areas could feel like 125 degrees and the heat is not expected to break any time soon. tropical storm bret is churning in the atlantaic this morning. expected to pick up steam over the next 48 hours. bret not forecast hit the united states. debt crisis talks behind closed doors this morning. surrounded by his family, former south african president nelson mandela celebrates his 93rd birthday. he was rarely seen in public these days. returned to his childhood home
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get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. finally this monday
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morning -- carmageddon. >> how did they ever make it? here's a look at the road work that shut down southern california's busy 405 over theh weekend. as clayton sandelle reports, millions of people managed to survive virtually unscathed. >> reporter: the 405 is once again reopened. on a typical weekday, 300,000 cars bring this freeway to a grinding crawl. it was the epic traffic jam that wasn't. >> today is very, very light traffic. i can't believe itit something amazing. it never happens. >> reporter: most people simply stayed home. that's because the fear of carmageddon meltdown was spread statewide. >> we're having lunch and tea. you know, it's like a vacation
4:29 am
day. >> reporter: contractors did their part, working fast and for reopening the 40517 hohos. the contractor gets a bonus. l.a. made it through carmageddon. 11 months, they'll have to do it again. in a town that loves sequels, get ready for carmageddon two. >> we have been warned. in addition to the skate boarding, other fun -- >> the world's smallest short flight. only 35 mimis. they were beaten on the ground by some serious bikers who got there an hour